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Specna Arms SA-C12 CORE Carbine Replica


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Specna Arms SA-C12 CORE Carbine Replica

Specna Arms SA-C12 CORE Carbine Replica

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Key Features

  • Material: Made of high quality metal and polymer

  • Branded by Rock River Arms, a real steel shooting company in the US

  • ESA Quick spring exchange system

  • Lightweight polymer receiver and stock

  • Alloy handguard, buffer tube and internals

  • 250rnd high capacity magazine

  • 13inch 20mm RAS full length top rail for sights and scopes

  • 7inch KeyMod modular handguard

  • Removable Flip-Up iron sight set which locks down

  • Extended mock charging handle

  • Front and rear QD sling points

  • Dimensions (cm): 63 (L) x 28 (W) x 12 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 2300

  • Package includes: Carbine x 1, Mag x 1


The CORE series of the Specna Arms family of Airsoft Electric Guns offers affordability and quality in one robust package, coupled with internal parts which put jaws on the floor. The Receiver, Stock and Pistol Grip are made of a high quality Nylon Fiber to keep the package lightweight, whilst still maintaining a rigid core for a tough rifle. The outer barrel assembly and handguard are made from Alloy, to ensure that the handguard is tightly locked in place and wobble free. The rifle is highly customisable, supporting a wide range of aftermarket external parts and accessories thanks to its KeyMod handguard, 20mm Rail Panels, and its huge full length top rail. The top rail is the full length of the rifle, measuring in at a generous 13inch the rail gives you plenty of space to build the optics setups leaving plenty of room for large scopes, as well as holographic and magnifier setups. The rail is 20mm RAS, the most common type in Airsoft, meaning that most sights and scopes will quickly and easily attach with no fuss. The handguard of the gun measure in at 7inch, making the rifle short yet effective, and features KeyMod for attaching modular parts and accessories. If KeyMod isn't your thing then no worries, the rifle comes with three pre-attached 5inch 20mm RIS Rail panels, converting the existing keymod to 20mm for attaching more common Grips, Bipods and Launchers. Internally the replica features everything people have come to expect and love from a Specna Arms replica, with a quick change spring system, high quality internal parts, with plenty of options for upgrades and plenty of aftermarket part support should something go wrong. The replica features a standard V2 gearbox, commonly found in Airsoft M4, meaning that there is a vast selection of upgrade parts available for this replica, even if it doesn't really need them out the box. Internally the gearbox features parts you would only typically see in more high end replicas, with a full steel gear set for strength and reliability, 8mm slide bearings for a smooth action and the Specna ESA quick change spring system allowing you to quickly increase or decrease the power of the replica with ease.

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