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TMC Modular K2 M4 Grip


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TMC Modular K2 M4 Grip

TMC Modular K2 M4 Grip

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Key Features

  • Material: Made of high quality polymer

  • Replacement for AR15 and M4 pistol-grip

  • More vertical grip angle than standard A2 grips

  • Unique backstrap design for proper trigger finger placement

  • Aggressive texture for positive weapon control in all environments

  • Includes a basic grip cap, but accepts optional Storage Cores for customized gear stowage

  • Dimensions (cm): 7 (L) x 6 (W) x 1 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 100

  • Package includes: Grip x 1


The TMC Modular K2 M4 Grip is a drop in upgrade for AR15 and M4 that offers a more vertical grip angle, but in a full-size grip design. The steeper vertical grip angle is optimized for use on PDW configurations and improves comfort and control on short LOP rifles that bring the primary hand in closer to the shooter's body. With an aggressive texture for positive weapon control, compatibility with optional Storage Cores for gear stowage, and a unique backstrap design for proper trigger finger placement, the K2 brings modern styling and ergonomics to the AR platform. All mounting hardware and a basic grip cap included.

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