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Tokyo Marui MEU (1911) GBB Pistol


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Tokyo Marui MEU (1911) GBB Pistol

Tokyo Marui MEU (1911) GBB Pistol

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Key Features

  • Gas blow back pistol with Semi-Automatic shooting mode

  • Innovative Hop-Up Thumb Dial located inside the gun

  • Textured grip and authentic engraving on grip and slide

  • Very loud and crispy blow back sound with Hi-Kick recoil

  • Extreme high accuracy among all other competitor

  • Licensed trademark of NOVAK DESIGN sight

  • Full metal 28 round loading capacity magazine

  • Bullet Type: 6mm BB

  • Dimensions (cm): 22 (L) x 14 (W) x 6 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 840

  • Package includes: Pistol x 1, Mag x1


One for 1911 lovers (or those who appreciate a nice gun) - the new Tokyo Marui MEU (1911) GBB Pistol. As you can probably tell, it differs from your bog-standard 1911 government pistol, with a trouser-stirring appearance thanks to the stunning grip, trigger and Novak sights. The detailing is as good as any other Marui gun and it will surely have thoroughly solid performance as per-usual for a Tokyo Marui gun.Tokyo Marui has done it again, creating a visually stimulating 1911 MEU. The attention to detail on the externals makes this gem of a GBB so unique and well made. Many airsoft collectors aspire to own this top of the line Gas Pistol.

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