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Cybergun AW Custom Colt 1911A1 GBB Pistol


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Cybergun AW Custom Colt 1911A1 GBB Pistol

Cybergun AW Custom Colt 1911A1 GBB Pistol

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Key Features

  • Full metal frame and slide provides a realistic look and feel

  • Complete Colt USGI roll marks and detail mimics the real-life counterpart

  • Polymer diamond checkered grips

  • Drop free magazine

  • Classic 1911 beaver tail, safety, trigger, and USGI fixed sights

  • Built in lanyard hook

  • Metal reinforced outer barrel, chamber, recoil spring guide rod, on frame safety, slide stop, hammer and trigger

  • Realistic blowback action and mock firing pin mechanism

  • Dimensions (cm): 25 (L)x 15 (W) x 8 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 700

  • Package includes: Pistol x 1


Seeing over 100 years of service, John Browning's self-loading semi-automatic pistol design is arguably the most popular sidearm amongst Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian circles. There is good reason why the 1911 is the longest running Military sidearm in the world; even today some of Americas most elite fighting units still choose to carry the venerable 1911 by their side. Its simple design made the sidearm easy to use and maintain making it a very rugged and reliable weapon. The success of the weapon has prompted many firearms manufacturers to borrow from the 1911 design; to this day the 1911 is still widely used as a benchmark when comparing sidearms.

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