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TMC Modular Assault Belt System V2




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TMC Modular Assault Belt System V2

TMC Modular Assault Belt System V2

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Key Features

  • Material: Made of high quality nylon webbing

  • Laser cut from a semi rigid woven thermo-polymer

  • 1.75 inch width construction

  • Inner belt can be EDC belt used

  • Size S/M fits waist size 30-35 inch

  • Size L/XL fits waist size 36-42 inch

  • Dimensions (cm): 30 (L)x 8 (W) x 8 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 500

  • Package includes: Belt x 1


The TMC Modular Assault Belt System V1 utilizes a 2 layer outer belt to create a lightweight, flexible yet rigid and stable platform to attach equipment, holsters and accessories. This is done by using 1.75 inch belt webbing as the base, with a field of PALS webbing, laser cut from a semi rigid woven thermo-polymer. This ensures that your equipment is always secured to something rigid, while allowing the belt to remain lightweight and comfortable. To round it off, we double stitch the webbing to a load rated, 1.75inch Austrialpin Cobra buckle with a D-ring for attaching helo lanyards and other equipment. The outer belt has an inner facing of loop platform, to attach to a low profile hook inner belt. We did this because hook should never be worn towards body, especially in such a high wear area (belt line). The inner belt system is actually 2 part. It consists of a low profile hook inner belt and a shroud to cover the inner belt when the outer Assault belt is not in use. This results in a system that not only doubles as a non-metallic EDC belt, but it is a comfortable and convenient way to cover the scratchy hook portion of the inner belt. When the outer belt is needed, simply remove the inner belt shroud and attach the outer belt to the inner belt.

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