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A Plus Custom VFC BCM 9.3 Inch MCMR GBB Rifle


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A Plus Custom VFC BCM 9.3 Inch MCMR GBB Rifle

A Plus Custom VFC BCM 9.3 Inch MCMR GBB Rifle

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Key Features

  • BCM full license authorized production

  • A Plus CNC Hop-Up chamber and precision inner barrel upgrade kit

  • A Plus new version of Hop-Up rubber, double pressure point design offer stable and straight shooting.

  • A Plus speed adjustable steel bolt

  • The buffer system above the bolt is designed to make it durable

  • Internal three-prong rectifier of bolt makes the vaporization more stable and not easy to freeze.

  • CNC aluminum 9.3 inch MCMR M-Lock rail

  • BCM Troy folding metal sight set

  • BCM large gunfighter charging handle and trigger guard

  • Come with protective gun pack

  • Dimensions (cm): 88 (L)x 32 (W) x 10 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 2500

  • Package includes: Rifle with Gun Pack x 1


A Plus Custom VFC BCM 9.3Inch MCMR GBB Rifle is not only directly put into the new design "Non-cut lever" Steel Hammer Set, but also improve the structure of the lower receiver, increase the fitting depth, and the structure of the firing pin base parts is greatly simplified, making the valve knocking action more stable, the durability of the parts is effectively improved, and the maintenance will be easier. This new lower receiver can be directly assembled with previous VFC M4 GBBR upper receiver. Modify by A-Plus Custom, offer more stable and durable quality.

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