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APFG MCX Rattler SBR GBB Rifle


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APFG MCX Rattler SBR GBB Rifle

APFG MCX Rattler SBR GBB Rifle

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    Key Features

    • 1:1 realistic MCX style with all details

    • Hard kick VFC V3 AR GBB system

    • Quick front adjust hop-up system

    • Coming with quick attach And detach Suppressor

    • Includes foldable CNC stock

    • 30 rounds GI gas Airsoft magazine

    • Compatible VFC AR type V2 / V3 gas magazine

    • Dimensions (cm): 70 (L)x 30 (W) x 10 (H)

    • Weight (gram): 3000

    • Package includes: Rifle x 1


    This full metal Gas Blowback MCX Rattler SBR from APFG (Which as far as we know is basically VFC under a different name) is one hell of a cool rifle. Based on the short nasty brother of the MCX Virtus this Rattler comes with a suppressor and stubby handguard making it perfect for CQB. This rifle has the 20mm Rail Mounted stock which is side folding, as always with GBBR controls are as per the real rifle and recoil is strong. This rifle has a quick adjust hop system and is compatible with VFC M4 GBBR Magazine.

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