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A-Plus Custom 10.5 Inch Noveske N4 GBB Rifle


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A-Plus Custom 10.5 Inch Noveske N4 GBB Rifle

A-Plus Custom 10.5 Inch Noveske N4 GBB Rifle

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Key Features

  • Utilizes new VFC AR / M4 V3 gas system

  • Faithful Replica of the N4 Style Rifle

  • NAVY style 10.5" silver outer barrel

  • NV NSR M-LOK 9" handguard.

  • NV Gen3 style is upper

  • NV N4 Gen1 style lower

  • NV Super Badass ACH style charging handles

  • VFC Guide-HOP quick adjustment HOP-UP system

  • With VFC V3 steel valve knocker set (Same as VFC BCM GBB series)

  • Steel improved hammer set, cancel the firing pin lock

  • Steel trigger and fire control group parts

  • Steel bolt carrier, with adjustable V3 loading nozzle

  • Dimensions (cm): 100 (L)x 30 (W) x 10 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 3000

  • Package includes: Adapter x 1 (*Silencer NOT included)


The A-Plus Custom 10.5 Inch Noveske N4 GBB Rifle is well known for its robust and custom-made airsoft guns. This is the new N4 style rifle from A-Plus, so you can expect this airsoft N4 style rifle to boast the same great quality as the rest of A-Plus' line of products. The rifle utilizes the New VFC V3 AR 15 / M4 gas system that is used in the VFC V3 series of gas airsoft rifles that have been getting praised recently for their reliability. Externally, The rifle has a barrel length of 10.5 inches which makes it an excellent choice for CQB. Other than that, the N4 style rifle has M-Lok and Picatinny rails for all your accessory needs and QD points on the stock for sling attachments. Also, This Noveske N4 boasts a Mapul-style stock giving it a sleek overall look. The magazine that comes with the N4 Is a V3 stanag magazine. A-Plus has optimized the gas efficiency for this mag and enlarged the gas tank making it easier to fill, and allowing for more shots to be fired through one charge of gas.

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