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VFC Olympic Arms AR15 GBB Carbine (with VFC System)


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VFC Olympic Arms AR15 GBB Carbine (with VFC System)

VFC Olympic Arms AR15 GBB Carbine (with VFC System)

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Key Features

  • Olympic Arms AR-15 style

  • Steel flash hider and triangle sight base

  • Able to take standard VFC M4/AR15 GBB magazines

  • Front sling swivel

  • URX style 3.7inch handguard

  • Steel dust cover and forward assist

  • KAC 300M style flip rear sight

  • CAR-15 Nylon retractable stock

  • VFC M4 rotary style HOP-UP set

  • VFC M4 V3 GBB system internal parts and valve knocker

  • Dimensions (cm): 65 (L)x 30 (W) x 10 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 2500

  • Package includes: Rifle x 1


The TaiHeng Olympic Arms AR15 GBB Carbine were the short ground M16. This is because it uses the intermediate cartridge of the 5.56 round yet is long as SMGs, allowing it to have the firepower and accuracy of a rifle yet attaining a compact, CQB friendly size. The parts on the gun is also quite period correct, with parts like the thin, "pencil" barrel, fixed carry handle and rear sight post, thin handguards and a commando style stock, this is a very accurate replica of the iconic transitional rifle. This carbine comes with new version VMAG and will take standard VFC M4/AR15 gas magazines, making finding mags for this bad boy quite easy.

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