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VFC HK G36C V2 GBB Rifle


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VFC HK G36C V2 GBB Rifle

VFC HK G36C V2 GBB Rifle

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Key Features

  • Official H&K (HECKLER & KOCH) licensed authentic marking on body

  • Unique serial number on body matching with package box

  • Functional charging handle and bolt release

  • Metal outer barrel with flash hider (14mm CCW thread)

  • Polymer handguard and receiver

  • Ambidextrous fire selector design

  • Nylon fiber side foldable buttstock and pistol grip

  • Polymer carry handle with 20mm Picatinny rail on top

  • 30rds loading capacity gas magazine

  • Adjustable Hop-Up system

  • Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling

  • Built-in detachable flip-up front and adjustable rear sights

  • Dimensions (cm): 70 (L)x 35 (W) x 10 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 3100

  • Package includes: Rifle x 1


The VFC HK G36C V2 GBB Rifle is a beautifully designed rifle with an entire polymer body designed to be robust for extended use. The fire and safety selector is ambidextrous and has controls on both sides of the receiver which is the same design as the original G3 selector. The Selector settings are marked with symbols in firing modes, consisting of safe, semi, two-round burst, and full auto. The stock, too, is multi-functional. Its ability to fold to the side shortens the weapon's overall length for use in tight areas. The rifle can also still fire with the stock collapsed. The G36C incorporates holes where assembly pins can be placed during weapon cleaning or maintenance to avoid getting lost easily. The G36C also has a metal 14mm CCW flash hider. The flash hider is locked on tight, so removing it may require a tool. The bolt release is very interesting on the G36C. The bolt release lever is located next to the trigger. So when you reinsert your loaded is just a simple push down on this leaver to send the bolt forward, making reloads faster than, say, on an M4 rifle. There are also a few sling points on the rifle, two on the front and one on the gun's stock. You will need a hook-style sling to be able to use the sling on this G36C. Adding accessories to your G36C is Very easy. You have a picatinny rail on top so you can mount optics or a laser device, or if you want, you can attach Picatinny rails to the side and bottom of the handguard (Sold separately).To secure the picatinny rail to your handguard, you have to line the hole on your picatinny rail and screw them into the corresponding holes on the handguard, and then you can mount a flashlight, foregrip, or laser device to the side or underneath the handguard. The hop-up can be adjusted by Locking back the bolt and finding the hop-up adjuster under the pull tab on your charging handle. This style is new to the VFC G36 system because it is a slide adjustment instead of a wheel or hop-up that requires a tool. Sliding the adjuster forward adds more hop; sliding it back decreases the hop. The G36C magazine is particularly remarkable on this gun, being made out of high-quality plastic and is made to last extended use. The first thing you notice about this magazine is the dummy rounds inside, which look fantastic even for being fake / dummy rounds. Also, like on the real G36, you can stack your magazine's side by side by the notches on the side of the magazine acting like a mag clamp.

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