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TMC Modular Lightweight Chest Rig Front Set


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Got this mini chest rig in coyote brown. Works really good, mag retention for M4 magazines is okay.
One thing I wanted to were pistol inserts. Inserts that I got are fine, but too big for my pistol magazines.

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Best Modular Micro Rig...

Hey there,

I've been waiting for TMC to release this little micro rig for two simple reasons. It is the best transition for winter to summer games loadout. I have a TMC 419 with the 420 Cummerbund and since is an LBX repro, the panel buckles are off-set from each other.

To use this rig with the Armatus, you can either tuck in the clips inside the velcro panel or dremel a opening to slide the buckles of the nylon loop (I did this and didnt destroy the integrity).

After the modding I did, I can use my whole kit for milsim for more Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) or if I want to play CQB, just slide the buckles on, clip the H harness and back in business within a min.

Same way for summer games, if I'm too hot from wearing my full kit, I bring my H harness to drop 80% of my LBE to essentials only.

The build quality is excellent and I dont expect this to fray any time soon. I got a black one, but I am waiting for a Multicam Black and Wolf Grey to drop and get them.

- Modular AF

- Get yourself one and save about $80+

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TMC Modular Lightweight Chest Rig Front Set

TMC Modular Lightweight Chest Rig Front Set

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Key Features

  • Material: Made of high quality Cordura material

  • Unmatched versatility

  • Stand modular system

  • Front Set only has front platform and 1inch glove hook

  • NOT included shoulder straps

  • Dimensions (cm): 24 (L) x 15 (W) x 6 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 400

  • Package includes: Front Set Chest Rig x 1


This TMC Modular Lightweight Chest Rig Front Set is made of high quality Cordura fabric. The TMC Modular Lightweight Chest Rig is designed to be extremely efficient, modular, and lightweight. The Modular Lightweight Chest Rig works seamlessly with our accessories suite which offers nearly endless configurations. The addition of soft loop platform in both pockets enable you to put mission essential items where you want them based on your individual needs. The improved profile allows for the use of six 5.56 x 45 style magazines or four 7.62 x 51 magazines or any combination of rifle and pistol magazines. The 4 x 9 field of hard loop on the back of the rig allows for solid integration with accessories or after market plate carriers. Front Set only has front platform and 1inch glove hook.

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