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The Black Ships 93cm Moving Castle Deployment Pack


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The Black Ships 93cm Moving Castle Deployment Pack

The Black Ships 93cm Moving Castle Deployment Pack

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Key Features

  • Material: Made of high quality 1000D nylon fabric

  • Rounded edge corners to give a snag free design and reduce catch points when loading or retrieving from transport vehicle or stowing in cargo

  • Entire bag is foam padded with stiffener panels for protection and giving the bag body for easier loading and accessing equipment

  • Shoulder straps are robust and firm to support the weight of the bag

  • Diamond lattice of elastic cord is an easy jacket, sleeping roll or wet clothing lash system.

  • Main compartment zip flap is supplying the user an easy to access loop Velcro platform to attach dedicated pouches for small immediate need items such as gloves, batteries, optics and more

  • Zips into the vertical profile of the bag for easy navigation and simplicity

  • The all compartment door also has the loop covered giving the ability to actively retain its contents as well as attach any accessories you want and acts as a work station for the user

  • Dimensions (cm): 93 (L)x 41 (W) x 32 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 10000

  • Package includes: Pack x 1


The Black Ships 93CM Moving Castle Deployment Pack was derived with the intention of giving an informed user the ability to carry the most essential pieces of equipment in the most manageable, mobile and low signature profile as possible.  This unassuming bag is formed with the likeness of a hockey goaltender bag meant to carry oblong leg pads, bulky chest protector, blocker, glove and helmet.  Concealed inside this design is an expansive main compartment, as well as a dedicated weapon housing compartment, all components needed for combative training or shooting sports.  This bag is meant to look inconspicuous even to individuals who are familiar with typical military or tactical gear.  The first impression should be a hockey bag, snowboard pack, lacrosse kit or mountaineering travel duffle. The Black Ships 93CM Moving Castle Deployment Pack replaces the cumbersome pair into an easy to carry, hands free and less threatening package. This bag contains a padded tubular main compartment indented to snugly retain and protect a modern equipped armor carrier, helmet, belt kit, footwear, and combative uniform.  The body shape is designed to be easy to pack and access items while not giving unnecessary movement or orientation of items when transporting.  The fully padded body housing reduces bump and damage to equipment while also minimizing printing of any contained items.  The curved lines of the body lends itself to a more outdoor “soft” look instead of a hard edge, MOLLE strangled and Velcro covered military type bag.   Hidden and balanced into the profile of the bag is a lockable rifle case.  This section of the bag has generous closed cell foam padding to protect the contents and give no protrusion of any features to the concealed items. This pack is designed to stand upright when packed correctly to fit into commuter situations or allow you to stand in line at the ticket counter with ease.  Ideal for a firearms class, airsoft weekend or “always be prepared” trunk. Weapons Compartment has internally anchored grommet points giving the user options to cable lock and secure the rifle, as well as a physical lock in place concept, to reduce the chance of your bag “walking away”.  The top of the bag has 2 grommets to allow a cable lock to extend from the inside of the bag and secure to an anchor point when at a location to stop theft of the entire bag.  Zipper closures allow for wide array of devices.  4 Cable grommets connect from the main compartment into the weapons compartment to add another layer of security from an attempt to access the contents of the weapons case.  Multiple rigging methods and the ability to place a hard case into the weapons compartment make it an ideal airline bag.

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