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TMC Universal Standard Gun Holster


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Muy cómoda

Ajusta muy bien tanto en mi 1911 como en mi KP18 con cambiar solo una pieza que incluye y apretar el ajuste.
A pesar de estar acostumbrado a otros estilos de retención, no se hace incómodo y sigue resultando intuitiva la extracción.

    Perfect holster!

    This holster is perfect for my WE G17 Gen4.
    The multicam color, the material and design are great!
    Really easy to inser and pull out the gun, but when its inside the holster it stay firm, no wobbling, moving.. i try to shake it really hard, jump and had no problem at all, my gun was in place all the time.
    You also got the tool to adjust the perfect fit for your gun!
    TMC again did a great job, so i totally recommend to buy this product!

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    TMC Universal Standard Gun Holster

    TMC Universal Standard Gun Holster

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    Key Features

    • Designed to fit a wide variety of guns

    • Made from high density nylon fiber, durable and light weight

    • Retention is deactivated with the middle finger upon a standard shooting grip on the weapon

    • Designed to fit multiple weapons in one holster.

    • Low-cut and compact design make concealment easy while also allowing for a quick draw

    • Tolerant of extreme high and low temperatures and easy to maintain

    • Belt clip for easily detaches from belt and fits up to 2 inch belt widths

    • Design for right hand

    • Dimensions (cm): 26 (L) x 20 (W) x 8 (H)

    • Weight (gram): 230

    • Compatible below models:

    • - Glock17, 18C, 20, 21, 22, 37

      - H&K 45

      - H&K P30L

      - H&K VP40

      - S&W M&P 22 / 45

      - 4.5" S&W M&P 9mm

      - 40 S&W SW40F

      - SIG P226 (No Rail) 9mm

      - Taurus PT24

      - 92F

    • Package includes: Holster with Belt clip x 1, Tool x 1


    This TMC Universal Standard Gun Holster designed to fit a wide variety of guns. It adjusts to securely fit most firearms. The holster also features an innovative technology that automatically secures the weapon when holstered and releases it upon application of the middle finger with a standard shooting grip for a more intuitive and safer release. The holster body is constructed with a lightweight, state of the art nylon blend is completely non-abrasive to a guns finish, tolerant of extreme high and low temperatures, and easy to maintain. This holster features belt clip which easily detaches from belt and fits up to 2 inch belt widths.

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