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Laylax Prometheus 6.03mm EG Inner Barrel




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Laylax Prometheus 6.03mm EG Inner Barrel

Laylax Prometheus 6.03mm EG Inner Barrel

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Key Features

  • Material: Made of high quality stainless steel

  • Lightweight and high strength design

  • High grade precision barrel at 6.03mm diameter for extra power and precision shooting

  • Choose this barrel to suit your AEG model

  • Dimensions (cm): 15 (L)x 1 (W) x 1 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 100

  • Package includes: Barrel x 1

110mm - MP5K
141mm - MP5PDW
185mm - M4PMC
208mm - G3SAS
229mm - MP5A4・A5・SD5・SD6・βSpetsnaz
247mm - G36C・P90・CAR15・SIG552
260mm - AK74U
285mm - CQB-R ・MC51
300mm - AA-12 ・SCAR ・HK417 ・ M733・  Thompson・MC+
363mm - SOPMOD・M4A1・SR16・SG551
407mm - M4A1・SR16・SG551+(Plus)
420mm - M14 Exclusive Short
455mm - AK47・S
460mm - AK74MN
469mm - G3/SG-1
500mm - M14Exclusive
509mm - M16A1・A2・VN・Steer-AUG


The Laylax Prometheus 6.03mm EG Inner Barrel is a 6.03mm inner barrel diameter. May increase your FPS and accuracy after installation. One of the most popular and best made barrels for airsoft. These EG barrels are compatible with all AEG's that use standard type AEG inner barrels. Laylax Prometheus EG barrels are generally considered to some of the best tight bore barrels on the market. That is because these barrels have tight tolerances and meticulous quality control.

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