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TMC PEQ LA5-C UHP (Green Laser Version)


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TMC PEQ LA5-C UHP (Green Laser Version)

TMC PEQ LA5-C UHP (Green Laser Version)

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Key Features

  • Compact Design

  • Complete Kit

  • Detailed matte hard polymer housing

  • Output 3mW IR laser

  • Visible laser output 5mW

  • Flashlight output 5W 280 lumen

  • Integrated weaver or pica tinny thumb screw 20mm rail mount

  • Dimensions (cm): 15 (L) x 9 (W) x 5 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 250

  • Package includes: Ontology x 1, mouse tail control x 1, special stickers x 1 (not including battery)


This TMC PEQ LA5-C UHP (Green Laser Version) Illuminator Laser and LED Light Combo is not a battery box, it is a real aiming aid device. Up until now every airsoft PEQ15 has been an empty box made to look like a laser, but this is the real thing. They have combined a high intensity laser and LED flashlight in a high impact plastic case. The laser and light are powered by one CR123 lithium battery. On top of the box is an activation switch, but included is a remote pressure switch that the user can opt to plug in or leave it off. Next to the activation button is a switch where you can select laser only, light only, or both of them on at the same time. Also included are realistic warning laser that can be placed on the PEQ15 for an even more authentic look. The mount to secure this PEQ15 is sturdily constructed of metal for a firm foundation on any rail that it's mounted on.

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