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TMC Multi Purpose Wrap Mag Pouch Set


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TMC Multi Purpose Wrap Mag Pouch Set

TMC Multi Purpose Wrap Mag Pouch Set

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Key Features

  • Material: Made of hook and loop fabric

  • Compatible with rifle mag, pistol, flashlight, smartphones, etc

  • Removable plastic retention design on the top

  • Retention design on the top

  • Transformable construction

  • One set included TWO pouches

  • Dimensions (cm): 18 (L)x 12 (W) x 6 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 100g

  • Package includes: Pouch Set x1


Made for bags with loop interior zones, this pouch was originally sized to fit rifle magazines, but also fits combat pistols, "flat" electronics like smartphones, and more. It even can fit full sized pistols with suppressor sights and or tac-lights. As shown, the wrap holster works great on compact pistols as well. Since the whole pouch is made of hook and loop fabric that you can get creative with the shape such as making a slight cone shape resulting in a reasonable opening, but a tight fit when the item is pushed in all the way. If any further small tweaks are desired, the one-wrap material is easy to modify by cutting. A jump strap is included for when extra retention is needed, yet is very easy to remove when not needed. This works especially well on this setup where one can release the jump strap by moving the pull tab or using their finger to break to connection. It will come in one set included two pouches.

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