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TMC Lightweight Assault Balaclava


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2 in 1

got mine a while ago, used it few times andi like it. Material is very breathable and dries fast after heavy activity. The mesh is well shaped and comfy, doesn't sit much in the way when cheek resting.

    Very comfortable way to secure your teeth

    I received one mask to test it, so see this as ad. The mesh mask sits comfortably whether you wear it above or under the nose and is big enough to secure the mouth completely. The balaclava comes with air holes so it’s very breathable. Can be worn as complete balaclava or just to cover your lower face.
    Definitely recommend for the comfort and possibility to aim way better than with a regular mesh mask



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    TMC Lightweight Assault Balaclava

    TMC Lightweight Assault Balaclava

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    Key Features

    • Material: Made of high quality nylon

    • Lightweight and low profile design

    • Quick-dry function

    • Removable hidden metal mesh

    • Compatible with helmets to allow for comfortable fit over sustained periods of use

    • Optimal face and neck coverage

    • Enhanced breathability over the mouth

    • Dimensions (cm): 14 (L) x 11 (W) x 4 (H)

    • Weight (gram): 150

    • Package includes: Balaclava x 1


    This TMC Lightweight Assault Balaclava is made of high quality nylon mesh material. An ergonomic design and flat seam construction techniques allow for enhanced comfort when worn in conjunction with a helmet, eye protection, ear protection. Nylon mesh materials and construction techniques, allowing the balaclava to be worn in either an eyes exposed only or full face exposed manner, allows for enhanced ventilation that mitigates overheating and undue fog and moisture build-up on eye protection. Removable hidden metal mesh provides extra protection.

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