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LDT High Torque Slim AEG Motor


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LDT High Torque Slim AEG Motor

LDT High Torque Slim AEG Motor

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Key Features

  • Slim construction

  • Low profile design reduces motor size without sacrificing reliability or performance

  • High torque tuning

  • Designed to be compatible with standard V2 gearboxes and receivers

  • CNC machined motor cage

  • Dimensions (cm): 18 (L)x 10 (W) x 4 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 200

  • Package includes: Motor x 1


One of the biggest selling points of PTW style AEGs is their slim and realistic motor grip and one of the more common complaints about regular Marui style AEGs is that the motor grips are too wide, and don't feel like the real thing. LDT has developed a new style of motor that is slimmer and more compact than the original AEG motor without sacrificing the compatibility that the original motor enjoys. This LDT High Torque Slim AEG Motor give the user a more realistic and all around more comfortable shooting experience.

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