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Action Army AAP01 AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol


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nice GBB

very nice GBB, good grip. He shoots straight and far. Before testing it, tighten the hop-up a little, otherwise the balls will hardly fall out of the barrel. Compatible with WE G-17 chargers

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Action Army AAP01 AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol

Action Army AAP01 AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol

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Key Features

  • Made by aluminum alloy and fiber reinforced polymer

  • Steel bolt latch

  • Replaceable magazine latch on the left and right side

  • Patent safety button

  • Built-in semi and full auto adjustment button

  • Fiber optic front and rear sight

  • Compatible various G17 series magazines

  • Dimensions (cm): 23 (L)x 12 (W) x 6 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 400

  • Package includes: Pistol x 1


The Action Army AAP01 AAP-01 "Assassin Pistol" is a cool designed pistol that is very similar to the Ruger MK4. The pistol is green gas powered and features a fair amount felt recoil as well as snappy cycling. The AAP-01 also comes with a threaded outer barrel for the mounting of suppressors. The AAP-01 is a polymer frame pistol and it feels very comfortable to hold, its sights line up nicely which make pointing and shooting this pistol feel very nimble. Adding to this, you can select between semi auto and full auto modes of firing which really dials up the fun factor. Internally the pistol functions like many other similar "striker fired" pistols and has an adjustable hop up. Do make sure you take your time to adjust your hop up as out of the box the hop is non adjusted, which sometimes causes the chambered BB to fall out of the barrel. With addition of a threaded outer barrel, you can mount suppressors and other compensators with the compatible threads. The AAP-01 features holes along its body that allow the user to mount Picatinny rail on it for the mounting of optics, lasers, and light.

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