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TMC Combat Plate Carrier Vest 2019 Version


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High grade clone!

This from a real-gear snob with an unhealthy budget, keep that in mind!

Very impressed so far with the quality of material and build! Never tried the original but TMC clones stand up to visual and touching comparison to original CP pouches, which is impressive enough.
Compared to other replica or just airsoft-fantasy gear with no original real gear as base tmc put competition to shame with low prices for the level of apparent quality.

Have yet to test it with real-weight plates mounted or use it for any longer milsim action (will it last?) but its clear the producers have done their homework.

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Encantado con el producto, esqueleto duro y firme, cómodo, multicam original, realmente funcional y duradero, costuras con acabados perfectos, pedido por la web y entrega rápida. Pensé que me podría quedar algo grande ya que uso camisetas talla S/M, pero se puede ajustar bien y queda perfecto. 10/10

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Gran producto , fiel copia al original es una pasada , material de confección de máxima calidad , el trato de la tienda por parte de Jose luis muy bueno , siempre te aconseja y está al 100% conecta le a ti ya sea por teléfono o WhatsApp muy contento , tienda 100% recomendable.

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CPC aor1

Great quality! Great coloring? 10/10!

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Impresionante el chaleco en multicam la calidad es buenísima me ha encantado y con los cargadores de extracción rápida en multicam es inpresionante el trato de lo mejor atención en cada momento mis agradecimientos especiales para jose que me lo ha gestionado todo de manera súper profesional un 10 para el y su equipo volveré a comprar ya estáis en mis tiendas de airsoft de confianza

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It's a great vest, comes with several pockets to store things and you can attach panels to your back, ideal for a camelbak. The shipment to the Canary Islands took 2 days longer than estimated. The team attends you and locates the order at all times in the best way, great customer service. I recommend the product.

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Portador de placa TMC

Gostaria de saber se vocês enviam para o Brasil, e qual o tamanho do tórax? E abdômen e se vocês possuem a cor Black.

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Vengo de un Ciras y ya tocaba renovar chaleco. Tras mucho mirar me decanté por este y encantado. Se ven muy buenos los acabados y resistente. Tras probarlos en varias ocasiones puedo decir que no me arrepiento para nada y espero que de para largo.

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Contentísimo con la compra de este chaleco. Totalmente recomendable, muy cómodo y marca de gran calidad.

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What is chest size?

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El chaleco mas molon del mundo

Es el chaleco que usamos en el equipo @pimp_team y estamos contentisimos tanto con la calidad como con el precio, seguiremos adquiriendolo

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Top Product

good product with great manufactury. probably the most comfortable CPC i ve ever used in 17 years of airsoft.
not the lightest one (but lightweight is not a CPC charateristic!) . Top the option of the Hydration plate. Recommended

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Sturdy vest

Vest is really nice for airsoft. Harness makes it rigid enough to hold everything in place. That makes it bulky though Only drawback (aesthetic)is the lack of the multicam logo on both platebags's webbing.

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Der CPC ist für das Geld wirklich der Hammer!! Sehr bequem zu tragen und die Verarbeitung ist Top!

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Jordan aka Osiris Actual

So, a few months back, I was building a UKSF counter Terror kit or "black kit" and I was in need of a accurate plate carrier, and the CPC was perfect

Correct multicam material and colour
Perfect stitching
Easily adjusted
Extremely comfortable
Highly versatile

Only thing I would change is to have a little more padding in the shoulder straps

The CPC I bought was great for what I needed it for, it was the perfect thing for my kit, as well as looking and feeling the part, it has to be the most comfortable plate carrier I have ever owned even compared to my Crye and BFG stuff, this thing compared to a Actual Crye one is almost exactly the same! Comparing both when I had the chance people actually thought they where both Crye, it's in size medium plate bag and medium harness, with basically everything correct even down to the last stitch, I really would like to try the TMC avs and see how that compares to this TMC CPC
For more photos please check my Instagram @osiris_actual

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Excelente chaleco, el TMC CPC, esta hecho con tela genuina Multicam, en las costuras no se ven hilos suelto, y están muy bien realizadas, excelente producto, y el envío fue rápido. Llegó en 5 días, desde el momento de la compra. envió a Ecuador Los recomiendo

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It is an excellent vest, the fabric is 100% genuine Multicam, just like the straps, you will not notice any loose thread, very good seems, very confortable. I recommend them, excellent vest

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TMC Combat Plate Carrier Vest 2019 Version

TMC Combat Plate Carrier Vest 2019 Version

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Key Features

  • Material: Made with genuine Multicam Cordura fabric

  • Accommodates medium ballistic plates

  • Adjustable size Camo Vest

  • Hook and Loop panels for patches, IFF, and Nametapes

  • Quick releasable design

  • Dimensions (cm): 38 (L) x 35 (W) x 24 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 2700

  • Package includes: Plate Carrier x 1, Dummy Plate set x 1


The Combat Plate Carrier Vest offers unsurpassed comfort and load support in a low profile plate carrier configuration. It is releasable and accepts soft and hard armor inserts (not included). When paired with the belt, it becomes an extremely efficient and versatile armor and load carriage system. Designed from the ground up to take full advantage of system that transfers the vest weight to the wearer's hips. The Combat Plate Carrier Vest built-in cummerbund is designed to accept our soft armor panels and 6 x 6 inches plates. Combat Plate Carrier Vest plate bags (not included) stretch to accommodate different plate thicknesses and have integrated magazine and admin pouches.

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