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TMC Jungle Plate Carrier 2.0


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Very nice product

The product is awesome, it comes with the straps for the buckle up system, even in the ranger green (IDK why they don't show in the photos).
Take into account that the plates are not the regular size, they are slightly smaller and a regular SAPI will not fit.

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Nice Plate Carrier

Came as expected, it’s a nice plate carrier, very good corduroy fabric and quite close to the real thing, although It didn’t come with one of the shoulder pad sleeves, a bit disappointed.

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Really nice vest

Really improved version comparing to JPC 1.0. Detachable fron panels make you pick the one you need and installed in like 2 minutes. Same with the zips on the rear platebag. Switching loadouts from SMG to carbine takes me like 5 minutes, when changing pouches previously sounded like a nightmare! Shoulder pads is an essential addition to that vest. If you are interested in purchasing it, I strongly suugest buying pads.

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Great plate carrier

I bought this to have the modularity of an AVS with the light design of a JPC ( I love the shoulder straps ! )
Another advantage that I found was that since there are no integrated triple mag pouch like a standard JPC, you have to mount exterior pouches, and with this setup the sides of the flap (which is also a cover flap for the cummerbund closure) won't rise up. I have no more front flap-sagging when running, like I used to with Gen1 JPCs. Also you have a snap button at the bottom of the carrier to secure the front flap.
Great piece of kit.

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I love it!

For me I normally require a very robust and agile plate carrier since i play alot of rugged milsims that really tests your gear. I have worn this plate carrier to a few ops, one being a 27hour op in a rural environment in the tough climate of Ireland. Throughout this milsim i felt no strain on my body even though i was carrying quite a bit on the pc! I couldnt recommend this plate carrier enough for the smaller player as it is a smaller form and it should fit all your needs! thanks

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Jordan aka Osiris actual

So, to start off I love real steel kit, but when I saw TMC advertise the JPC 2.0 I had to get it, in fact I sold my Crye Precision one to buy it! I couldn't be more pleased

Very well priced
Very good multicam material and colour
Easy to adjust
Has all the features of the actual Crye JPC 2
All parts from Crye can fit on it correctly as well as after market parts
Comes with plates
Stitching is immaculate

When it first arrives the Velcro is extremely tough (which is a good thing!) but you will need to break it in a bit.

Overall I have used this in a few small skirmishes and larger more demanding games, and it has with withstood both tests and has worked without flaws, in all honesty I can't recommend this enough, it's a great plate carrier and TMC are always finding ways to improve their quality which is great! This plate carrier is perfect for indoor and outdoor play including long and short games, I wore it for roughly 8 hours straight and I have no complaints, also it's tough enough to hold real ballistic plates if needed, personally I ran soft armour in it and it worked a treat, if you need a new plate carrier I can't recommend it enough!

P.s if you do get it I recommend also getting the TMC "zip on pack" works a treat!
For anyone wondering it's size medium
I have a few specific pictures on my Instagram of how I set it up, feel free to have a look! @Osiris_Actual

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Great Value

At a little over £50 this plate carrier performs very well in airsoft.
It is in the "Crye cut" making it very close to the body and not having extra useless material.
Definitely would recommend this for a beginning or even intermediate level airsoft skirmisher.
This plate carrier also seems to make use of genuine Crye Multicam webbing and approved cordura nylons making it very durable.

Furthermore I wouldn't recommend this for "mil-sim" as I don't believe you can sustain a fight for long with the limited molle real estate.

However the reason I am not offering a full 5 stars is that I feel double stitching could have been utilised to reinforce an already brilliant plate carrier.
This is my only gripe and I wouldn't have minded paying extra for the luxury of double stitching.

Overall would definitely recommend to my friends and to others in the airsoft community

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Good make

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TMC Jungle Plate Carrier 2.0

TMC Jungle Plate Carrier 2.0

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Key Features

  • Easy 2 step emergency doffing capability

  • Hidden vertical webbing loops on front carrier supports detachable chest rigs

  • High performance stretch material that allows for plates of varying thickness

  • Loop panel on the front of the carrier allows detachable MOLLE front flap (Included)

  • Zippers along the sides of the back carrier for zip on panels

  • Low-profile cummerbund attachment that provides maximum adjustability and allows for chest expansion as needed

  • Webbing loops on the back of the shoulder straps to support back panels

  • Dimensions (cm): 40 (L) x 33 (W) x 12 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 1100

  • Package includes: Plate Carrier x 1, Molle platform x 1,Dummy Plate set x 1


This TMC Jungle Plate Carrier 2.0 is a lightweight and minimal armor vest designed for maximum mobility, weight savings, and pack ability. At just over one pound for the entire carrier, this TMC Jungle Plate Carrier 2.0 offers a variety of configuration options to suit an operators needs in terms of protection, modularity, and comfort. All Assault Vest System detachable front flaps are compatible (Included Molle platform). It features lightweight cummerbund system with Integrated Attachment System that allows pouches to be mounted on both the inside and outside of the cummerbund. This system sheds unnecessary weight and bulk while improving overall ventilation.

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