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Laylax Metal M4 Frame Lock Pin




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Laylax Metal M4 Frame Lock Pin

Laylax Metal M4 Frame Lock Pin

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Key Features

  • Material: Made of high quality metal

  • Lightweight and high strength

  • Different locking design

  • Remove upper receiver wobble

  • Compatible with Tokyo Marui M4/AR15 series rifle

  • Dimensions (cm): 5 (L)x 2 (W) x 2 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 50

  • Package includes: Pin Set x 1


This Laylax Metal M4 Frame Lock Pin has a different locking design, its meant to be a little easier on the lower frame hole, causing less wear if you are frequently disassembling your gun. It has a different lock, which some prefer over the standard or upgraded Laylax body pin. This product is designed for ANY M4 AEG with a metal body. The biggest benefit by far for this product is removing upper receiver wobble. if you can move your upper left and right because of play developed over time or because yours in from an earlier batch then this product is for you. It is only 100% fit for the Tokyo Marui, other brands maybe need some modification.

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