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FEDOM Hybid Sight EXPS3 with G33 Magnifier


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FEDOM Hybid Sight EXPS3 with G33 Magnifier

FEDOM Hybid Sight EXPS3 with G33 Magnifier

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Key Features

  • Night vision compatible

  • Parallax free holographic sight

  • Double-Dot reticule

  • Industry leading quality

  • Anti-Glare coating

  • Forged aluminum body with shock resistant rubber sleeve

  • 3X magnification allows user to turn optics into a magnified optic

  • 3rd generation switch to side mount moves magnifier easily out of the way

  • Adjustable diopter

  • Dimensions (cm): 18 (L) x 15 (W) x 9 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 800

  • Package includes: Scope Set x 1


This Holographic Hybrid Sight features an EXPS3-4 with a G33 magnifier. It has great utility for any shooter, whose target ranges vary from close to mid-range. The FEDOM Hybrid Sight EXPS3 with G33 Magnifier provides a solution for engaging threats in close-quarter combat situations , then quickly transitions to a long range targeting or surveillance situation. A quick switch-to-side mount offers simple, fast disengagement of the G33 magnifier. The durable, night-vision-compatible system offers wide-field optical performance with superior light transmission for visibility in extreme low-light conditions.

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