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NorthEast Full Size Steel UZI MP2A1 GBB SMG


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NorthEast Full Size Steel UZI MP2A1 GBB SMG

NorthEast Full Size Steel UZI MP2A1 GBB SMG

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    Key Features

    • World's first full-metal, full-size UZI GBB Airsoft SMG

    • Modeled after the west German Bundeswehr mp2a1 variant

    • Mainly made of steel

    • Packetized finish

    • Period correct German markings

    • Classic UZI folding stock

    • Non-reciprocating charging handle

    • Functional grip safety

    • High-quality polymer grips

    • Bayonet mount and 2 sling points

    • Able to dry fire

    • Ergonomic design (at least for the 1950s)

    • Dimensions (cm): 45 (L)x 30 (W) x 10 (H)

    • Weight (gram): 2500

    • Package includes: SMG x 1


    NorthEast Full Size Steel UZI MP2A1 GBB SMG is the latest product to be launched after extensive research and design over the last two and a half years. By far the most accurate 'UZI' replica in both detail and performance. Accurate armory stamping throughout and a kick from the heavy duty gas blowback system that you will not believe. The new gas nozzle assembly is highly efficient, which was learned through trial and error from the production and continual improvement of Northeasts' STEN models over the last few years. The outcome of this research has produced a new gas nozzle system which can be retrofitted to older model STEN guns but the elements of this design improvement is already in their new 'UZI'. The result is improved range, accuracy and velocity. Kicking your shoulder with grin-inspiring recoil, the Northeast MP2A1 will reach a 40 meter plus target accurately and fire at a consistent velocity of 330FPS or 100m/s.

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