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Maruyama SCW-9 PRO-G GBB SMG


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Maruyama SCW-9 PRO-G GBB SMG

Maruyama SCW-9 PRO-G GBB SMG

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    Key Features

    • 1/1 Scale high power GBB airsoft

    • SEMI and FULLY automatic shooting mode

    • Metal upper receiver with 20mm top rail

    • Polymer receiver grip and metal outer barrel

    • Alloy charging handle and trigger

    • Polymer slip-up front and rear sight

    • 3 Position retractable stock

    • Comes with 50 rounds long magazine

    • With quick-detachable dummy suppressor

    • Adjustable Hop-Up system

    • Dual-sided Ambi magazine release

    • Compact and streamlined

    • Dimensions (cm): 35 (L)x 15 (W) x 4 (H)

    • Weight (gram): 1500

    • Package includes: SMG x 1


    The Maruyama SCW-9 PRO-G GBB SMG is patterned after the latest subgun selected by the U.S. Army. This SMG is highly ergonomic and all the switches and controls are in easy to access areas. One of the outstanding features is the quick deploying stock. Unlike traditional telescoping stocks where you might need to use a switch to pull it out, the SCW-9's stock only needs to be pulled back without the need of any release switches. Being an ultra-compact gun, the SCW-9 has 3 different magazine options in various capacity options and with its relatively high bore axis, a low mounted red dot really allows you to pack it a small tote bag or carry case.

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