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TMC Centipede Soft Shell Mag Holster


  • Carbine (Big)
  • Pistol (Small)

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TMC Centipede Soft Shell Mag Holster

TMC Centipede Soft Shell Mag Holster

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Key Features

  • Mag holster fits all AR series magazines, any AK magazine and all variations in 7.62x51 (.308)

  • Pistol mag holster fits all 9mm series pistol magazines, any .45 pistol magazine
  • Flared surfaces on all four sides of the pouch opening allowing smooth, blind insertion of the mag into the pouch

  • Molded channels and recesses that control and protect the binding cord and eliminate snags and wear

  • The back plate is molded to include threaded brass inserts allowing the rapid change of mounting accessories

  • Compatible with all Molle platform

  • Dimensions (cm): 20 (L) x 20 (W) x 8 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 200

  • Package includes: Holster with Belt Clip set x 1


This TMC Centipede Soft Shell Mag Holster is the next evolutionary advance of the variable compression pouch concept. A hybrid that combines unconventional materials, construction methods and features in a way that elevates function and performance to new levels. By combining an exoskeleton outer frame with an inner soft shell, a seamless balance between rigidity and expansion is achieved. This balance ensures the most positive retention on your magazines while still allowing instant access when sourcing your reloads. Likewise, Centipede Soft Shells are completely modular and interchange with the entire family of TMC carry accessories. No matter your carry preference or tactical application, Centipede Soft Shell pouches are configurable to meet your mission needs. 

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