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TMC Kydex Frame Modular Carrier


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TMC Kydex Frame Modular Carrier

TMC Kydex Frame Modular Carrier

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Key Features

  • Material: Made of high quality Kydex

  • Autofit cummerbund maintains consistent tension throughout the most demanding and dynamic movements

  • E-Buckles for rapid donning or doffing at left and right shoulder and cummerbund

  • Integrated interior load bearing wings for monolithic semi-rigid load bearing wing for mounting radios, side armor or additional accessory pouches

  • Fully compatible with sea, air and land missions

  • Dimensions (cm): 38 (L)x 35 (W) x 25 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 2600

  • Package includes: Plate Carrier x 1


The TMC Kydex Frame Modular Carrier is taking the original TMC Kydex Frame Carrier to the next level. Engineered to optimize comfort, performance and modularity, the TMC Kydex Frame Modular Carrier delivers a dynamic thoracic load bearing distribution system. This system distributes the tactical load across and around the upper torso and not solely on the trapeziums muscle. The benefits which is zero load shift, consistent load management, reduced energy consumption, unrestricted locomotion mechanics and increased safety during climbing & dynamic movements. Additionally, armor retention system allows users to configure the TMC Kydex Frame Modular Carrier with armor plates of various sizes and thickness. Retention straps, in conjunction with flat camming locks, ensure a secure connection between the TMC Kydex Frame Modular Carrier and plate.

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