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PTS EPBUIS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sight


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PTS EPBUIS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sight

PTS EPBUIS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sight

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Key Features

  • Material: Made of high quality DuPont Zytel

  • Dual apertures with ergonomic apertureplate

  • Windage adjustment dial on rear sight

  • Elevation adjustment dial on frontsight

  • Low-profile, snag-free design

  • Reinforced polymer build for weightless durability

  • Dimensions (cm): 8 (L)x 6 (W) x 3 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 100

  • Package includes: Sight Set x 1


The Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS) are built with the PTS EP series standard DuPont Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer for a high quality product that is both durable and lightweight. The EPBUIS consists of a low-profile, snag-free design that is unobtrusive when retracted. The aggressively textured surfaces on the sides of the sights aid in slip-free, positive manipulation under any adverse conditions that may affect grip. The rear sight has a large and small sliding aperture that can be toggled for either close-range, fast, sight picture acquisition shooting or long-distance precision shooting. The dual apertures feature a ribbed texture on the back and an over-molded ledge on the front for easier manipulation and increased surface contact on the aperture plate allowing you to have control from either side. Windage adjustments can be found on the rear sight and elevation adjustments can be found on the frontsight, thus giving the shooter maximum adjustability and versatility. EPBUIS sight set offers the perfect blend of design and practicality as well as maximum versatility.

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