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Bear Paw Ots-03 SVU GBB Sniper (Steel Version)


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Bear Paw Ots-03 SVU GBB Sniper (Steel Version)

Bear Paw Ots-03 SVU GBB Sniper (Steel Version)

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Key Features

  • Full metal receiver with nylon reinforced polymer handguard, grip and stock

  • Integrated SVD scope mount base

  • Compact and unique bull-pup configuration provides full length performance in a short barrel configuration

  • Bull-pup design enables one hand manipulation

  • Utilizes standard SVD/AK style side mount for optic and side mounted rails

  • Safe, semi-auto and full auto firing capability

  • Dimensions (cm): 88 (L)x 28 (W) x 12 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 4200

  • Package includes: Sniper x 1


The Bear Caw Ots-03 SVU GBB Sniper is a bullpup configuration of the SVD sniper rifle. The SVU was developed to meet the needs of the security forces of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, such as OMON. Originally, the plan was to just slightly modernize the aging SVD, but the designers eventually realised that the configuration of the weapon would have to be completely altered, leading to the creation of the SVU. In combat, the SVU is much more compact than the SVD yet retaining equivalent barrel length for accuracy and also enabling one-hand operation of the rifle.

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