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Maple Leaf MLC-338 Bolt Action Sniper Deluxe Edition


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Maple Leaf MLC-338 Bolt Action Sniper Deluxe Edition

Maple Leaf MLC-338 Bolt Action Sniper Deluxe Edition

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Key Features

  • Top of the Maple Leaf line

  • Maple Leaf QUICK DETACH cylinder set zero resistance version

  • Maple Leaf Loading indicator

  • Maple Leaf CNC ZERO TRIGGER Assembly

  • Maple Leaf MLC S1 MULTI-FUNCTION Rifle stock

  • Maple Leaf enlarged mag release button

  • Maple Leaf Hop-Up chamber set

  • Maple Leaf Autobot 70 degree Hop up rubber

  • Maple Leaf aluminum heavy outer barrel

  • Maple Leaf "WHISPER" inner barrel spacer

  • Maple Leaf full steel CNC twist enlarge bolt handle

  • Maple Leaf CNC back up aiming scope rail

  • Maple Leaf CNC full body tactical receiver

  • 30 rounds magazine

  • Maple Leaf Taichi M145 Spring

  • Dimensions (cm): 110 (L)x 20 (W) x 10 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 3000

  • Package includes: Sniper Rifle x 1


Maple Leaf, a company known for producing high-quality parts for ASG replicas, including Hop-Up buckings, presents its first complete ASG replica - MLC 338. The replica was created using highest quality internal and external parts. High-quality parts, once available as optional tuning parts, have been enclosed in a single, complete constructions that matches the competition of highest order. Solid craftsmanship goes hand in hand with performance. In this version, the replica has a muzzle velocity of 440 FPS straight out of the box and fit for a battlefield without any further modifications. The handguard was made of high-quality polymer. It features special, enlarged, rubber covers for the front part. The adjustable cheek pad and recoil pad allow for adaptation to the user's preferences. Under the stock, there is a short RIS rail that enables the attachment of a monopod. At the top of the replica, there is a RIS rail that allows for the attachment of optics. Internal parts were made of high-quality CNC aluminum and steel. What is important to know is that they are 100% compatible with tuning parts of VSR-10 standard. The barrel of the replica is 428 mm long. In combination with Maple Leaf Hop-Up bucking, it enables for an excellent accuracy and range. The set includes a magazine with a capacity of 30 BBs.

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