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VFC MP5K Early Type Gen2 GBB SMG


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VFC MP5K Early Type Gen2 GBB SMG

VFC MP5K Early Type Gen2 GBB SMG

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Key Features

  • Upgrade trigger group

  • New design bolt group and trigger group

  • New design mp5 gas magazine

  • Classic front sight and steel rear drum sight

  • Outer barrel base hop adjustment swivel

  • Realistic cocking lever and charging handle latch assembly

  • Detachable cocking tube cap

  • New steel stamping steel plate receiver and welding process

  • Rail mount base with stamped marking

  • Ambidextrous selector lever and steel magazine release lever

  • Steel rear sling swivel

  • Dimensions (cm): 35 (L)x 30 (W) x 10 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 2500

  • Package includes: SMG x 1


The MP5K was designed to be an even more compact version of the legendary MP5 submachine gun. The K version, just like its full-size counterparts, is a highly sought-after and highly prized weapon used by many around the world. The particular version we have here is a fully licensed product and features all the corresponding markings. The lower receiver group is of the classic SEF German-style fire selector. The lower features a steel magazine release lever, and its features an upgraded trigger group. The new group is a full set, quick replaceable fire control group with a newly designed disconnection set, hammer, and hammer latch. Its function and strip-down are similar to the real steel counterpart. The upper receiver group is exquisitely made with new steel stamping. The plate receiver of the MP5 is manufactured from stamped steel, with a welding process, just like the original. The classic handguard grip is just like the original, it features 1:1 cutting and sizing as well as appearance and texture. The charging handle, rear drum sight, front sling, and rear sling swivel are all steel construction. The MP5K also uses a quick hop-up adjustment system much like the latest Guide Hop technology for easy hop-up adjustment. Internally, the MP5K boasts a new bolt group design with a built-in floating buffer with an enhanced nozzle assembly. The bolt carrier combines a steel heavy buffer and a two-stage recoil spring/steel recoil spring guide rod set for great recoil impulses. This design not only improves the realistic shooting experience but also added durability. (The bolt group parts are compatible with V1 and V2 bolt carriers) The new re-designed chamber and bullet feed system are made from reinforced polymer material combing with a redesigned magazine making the gun much more reliable. The newly designed MP5 gas magazine includes a steel shell body with full markings. Inside it uses the new version floating gas outlet while still keeping the last round stop feature. This new design is much more durable and highly increases gas efficiency. Some additional features include the classic front sight, a detachable cocking tube cap, mock rifling, and a 1:1 scale upper receiver rail mount.

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