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Marksman IX AR9 GBB SMG


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Marksman IX AR9 GBB SMG

Marksman IX AR9 GBB SMG

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Key Features

  • AR9 / 9mm pistol caliber carbine design.

  • Steel flash hider (14mm CCW)

  • CNC aluminum alloy M-Lock handguard

  • Steel magazine release button

  • Steel bolt catch

  • Hard coating anodized finish surface

  • Adjustable magazine well system

  • Five-position adjustable stock

  • Compatible with VFC spec 50-round G-style gas magazines

  • Dimensions (cm): 65 (L)x 30 (W) x 6 (H)

  • Weight (gram): 2700

  • Package includes: SMG x 1


The Marksman IX AR9 GBB SMG features a molding style based on the AR9 / 9mm PCC design. It has a steel flash hider ( 14mm ccw ) and CNC aluminum M-Lock handguard for enhanced durability and tactical customization. Its steel magazine release and magazine catch, adjustable hop-up system, and 5-stage retractable stock provide users with greater comfort and control. It uses VFC spec 50-round G-style gas magazine. It is NOT compatible with MARUI, WE or KJ G series or GHK G17 magazine.

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